Integration / Special Needs Program


Coldstream Primary School provides a high quality Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD), meeting the diverse learning needs of students, providing them with programs to improve their learning outcomes and successfully integrate them into the mainstream school setting.


Individual learning plans (ILPs) and Goals and Strategies are designed to meet both the academic and social and emotional needs of each student. The teacher develops these documents, after consultation with the integration aide and the student's family to ensure that all needs are being addressed. These documents are closely monitored to inform the student’s progress, and ensure the teaching and learning is at their point of need. 


The Department of Education and Training provides Coldstream Primary School with a range of resources for students with disabilities through Student Support Services; including psychologists, social workers, speech pathologists and visiting teachers. The above professionals are available to all students and families if required.




Vicki Godden                           Roslyn De Moore        

  (Integration Aides, Levelled Literacy Intervention & Speech)