Well Being


The traditional school values were based on Responsibility, Freedom, Respect, Tolerance, Honesty/Trustworthiness, Care and Compassion, Be Your Best, Fair Go, Integrity. In 2016 these were distilled into RESPECT which is fundamental to all the other values. The school community also wished to add Responsibility and Teamwork which they felt were important characteristics to ensure 21st Century skill development. The addition of Leap Into Learning is a quality that the community wished to see in the learning disposition of the school’s learners.



Respect is a crucial part of our school culture and determines how we live and how we get along with people. From this we learn resilience and we learn how to become good friends, good family members and good citizens within the community.


With the introduction of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation Better Buddies Program in 2012, the school adopted their guidelines to create a friendly and caring school community where bullying was examined and reduced. Children learnt the values of caring for others, friendliness, respect, valuing difference, including others and responsibility. The Buddy Program has evolved since then but is no less focused on positive relationships.    


Our Year 6 students are allocated their Foundation/Prep buddies in transition activities before the little ones start school in the previous year and are involved in many activities together. The buddies dote on their young charges who in turn adore their older mentors.

The program may have changed over the years, however the whole school is still focused on the complete eradication of bullying and ensuring that everyone feels safe and supported enough to be able to take reasonable risks in their learning.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE OF BULLYING at Coldstream Primary School. We are a telling school.BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

Our school places a high priority on developing positive student attitudes and behaviour with a focus on self- discipline in line with School Wide Positive Behaviours and based around TRIBES Agreements and the Respectful Relationships curriculum.

Teachers are trained to support the children to be assertive and to try to solve their problems first, and then to look to staff for support. Children making mistakes is an integral part of their learning social competencies and children are explicitly taught exactly what positive behaviours look like and the benefits of using correct social protocols. At the beginning of each year teachers and their classes negotiate their class agreements. An outline of these will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Please discuss these with your child and query any aspects you are unsure about.


School rules are revised and revisited annually.   Letters home, or phone calls, to parents are arranged if students have been behaving inappropriately.   This is supplemented by positive rewards system for appropriate yard and classroom behaviour. Along with these management strategies, Coldstream Primary utilises social skills programs to assist in positive student development.