LEGO Challenge

Children find robots fascinating and exciting and with so much of our children’s success in the global marketplace being dependant on Digital Technologies, we are determined that they should be at the cutting edge of technological advancement.


In Foundation (Prep) children program the BeeBots.  They learn basic coding and are able to program these beetles to follow predetermined paths.  Or they can challenge themselves to develop their own maps.


In Years 3 & 4 they look at the little dynamo bugs called Ozobots. These pocket rockets have light sensors that follow sequences of colours.  Children create sequences and then use trial , error and higher level thinking to solve problems that present themselves.


They also look at Dot and Dash Robots to not only follow pathways, but to devise their own obstacle courses.  These robots have the added challenge of using voice technologies.


The seniors program the spheroids to follow instructions through the use of iPads and smart phones.


Finally, we have students working towards the First LEGO League challenge, where they construct and course and then have to create a robot and program it to follow defined missions.  Our LEGO Computer Kids team entered the First LEGO league challenge for the first time in 2017 and proudly brought home a trophy. The learning curve was steep, but the children learnt so much about Teamwork, 'Gracious Professionalism' and 'Co-operation'. 


LEGO win


“ I love it.  It’s cool!” – Taj

“ it’s hard, but it’s also exciting.” – Taylah Mae

“I want to work with NASA when I am older and they take people who have been in First LEGO League.” – Jace.


With a very young and inexperienced team, we were able to win a prestigious LEGO trophy in our first year of competition.