Education Precinct

The Coldstream Education Precinct is a collaboration between our school, Coldstream Kinder, The Maternal Health Care Centre, Coldstream Playgroup, Lyrebird College and potentially the Over 55s group.

It aims to:

  • foster academic excellence in this educational precinct,
  • support families and child development,
  • develop community links and
  • promote living in Coldstream to the wider community.

Since starting our meetings in 2016, the group has divided to address slightly different areas. The Early Years Engagement group is working to strengthen the links between Playgroup, Kinder the MHCC and Coldstream Primary School and is managed by representatives from these groups as well as from the Shire of Yarra Ranges and the Department of Education and Training. We have consolidated the links between these groups and run early years’ enhanced literacy, drama and dance sessions for the kinder periodically in the school library. In addition we have a facilitated playgroup at 10 am each Tuesday of the school term in the Library that is completely free of charge. Bookaburra is another free activity that supports early years' development and occurs each Friday from 9.30 - 10.30 in the school and is open to anyone.

The Neighbourhood Development is largely a community links group that looks at the groups that exist in the area and seeks ways whereby collaboration can serve the needs of all to create a more vibrant Coldstream Community. Ways that we are looking to consolidate relationships are as follows:

  • Running community forums.
  • Re-establishing connections with CFA by having them as a critical friend at the CPS Safety drills and having them as active participants at the Coldstream Festival.
  • Gaining a Shire grant to run a Harmony Day that was opened up to pre-schoolers and to the Coldstream Community. And was hugely successful in acknowledging diversity and acceptance in our community.
  • Running community activities like Trivia Nights and the Community Carols to increase engagement with the local community.
  • Engaging with sporting clubs to create combined learning opportunities.
  • Engaging a wide range of community groups – especially local groups and businesses to become involved in the Coldstream Festival.
  • Marketing of Coldstream and an active and educational hub.
  • Establishing links with the over 45/55s group.
  • Opening up the school to possible community group use.

Approaching initiatives from both directions will support an increased sense of place in our community and increased feelings of wellbeing. We welcome your active participation.