Vision and Values



Coldstream Primary School’s vision is to empower students to reach their personal best. We aim to create global citizens who will always treat others with respect.


Coldstream Primary School’s mission is to provide students with the best possible foundation in life through a well-rounded education. We are totally committed to our children having the best possible start to their schooling by ensuring that early literacy and numeracy are explicitly taught and well supported throughout their seven years at our school.

We continue to build children’s efficacy by involving them in their learning and building their leadership capacities through their learning.


Our goal is to have best practice pedagogies in place to be able to negotiate the curriculum with each child so that it remains relevant to them and engages them in vibrant and exciting ways ensuring that learning becomes their lifetime pursuit.






Our school places a high priority on developing positive student attitudes and behaviour with a focus on self- discipline in line with School Wide Positive Behaviours and based around TRIBES Agreements and the Respectful Relationships curriculum.

Teachers are trained to support the children to be assertive and to try to solve their problems first, and then to look to staff for support. Children making mistakes is an integral part of their learning social competencies and children are explicitly taught exactly what positive behaviours look like and the benefits of using correct social protocols. At the beginning of each year teachers and their classes negotiate their class agreements. An outline of these will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Please discuss these with your child and query any aspects you are unsure about.


School rules are revised and revisited annually.   Letters home, or phone calls, to parents are arranged if students have been behaving inappropriately.   This is supplemented by positive rewards system for appropriate yard and classroom behaviour. Along with these management strategies, Coldstream Primary utilises social skills programs to assist in positive student development.