The English curriculum consists of 3 dimensions of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and are always a high priority for us. We aim to ensure every child has a high standard of literacy. The students are taught via a developmental program that caters for their individual needs and keeps track of progress through their stages of learning –extending and supporting as the need arises.


A reading intervention program, additional assistance for individuals and small groups, and a targeted phonemic program support classroom programs. Our school has, for many years successfully implemented the Early Years Literacy program for Victorian Schools for Foundation to Year 2. Cued Articulation and THRASS programs are also used to supplement the program. These methods and approaches have been modified and incorporated in to the Year 3 to 6 classes.


Each of our classroom teachers are committed to improving all students’ literacy skills and are achieving strong results. Spelling is explicitly taught and follows the highly successful Sound Waves Programs. Our delightful READING POD supports our top priority of READING and we ask parents to reinforce this priority at home by ensuring that reading is done each night – hopefully with some aloud. Early Literacy is also supported by our PLAYGROUP and BOOKABURRA programs that run weekly and by the online platform of Literacy Planet.